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Rabbinic Advisor: Rabbi Henry Harris
Founder/Director: Gary Tolchinsky


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A Spiritual Response To Terror

"It is axiomatic in Jewish thought that the ultimate physical survival of Israel depends on its spiritual standing."
--Rabbi Nosson Scherman

"The ultimate victory will not be the one with the most powerful weapons. It will be the one with the most powerful spiritual vision."

--Rabbi Simon Jacobson

"Until we ourselves are in rapport with each other, how can we expect Hashem’s world to be whole and peaceful?....We need not always agree; we need not adopt anyone else's lifestyle, customs dress or speech...But we must learn to respect and to make room in our hearts for each and every one of Avraham Avinu's children....United in love, we can withstand and conquer the forces of hatred and evil."
--Yaffa Ganz

“-Be a student of Aaron. Love peace and pursue peace.”
--Hillel (Pirkei Avos 1:11)

"In the back of our minds, we probably all reserve some space for the possibility that G-D truly runs the world; not kings, presidents, prime ministers, or terrorists. It is only when we stop vilifying our leaders, solely blaming our enemies, and worshipping the media…and begin to look seriously at OURSELVES, that this madness is going to stop. Nothing else can, or will work. The time has come.
--Yaakov Solomon


History has shown us time and time again that the true strength of the Jewish people lies in its relationship with G-D and with each other. While diplomacy and military power may be tools in our quest for peace, our ultimate success in achieving this goal can be determined by our thoughts, words and actions. In the merit of working to create peace within ourselves, friends, families and communities, we have even greater power to ask G-D to bring about peace in Israel and the world. In other words, we can help create a more peaceful world from the inside out.

Jewish Books for Peace distributes free books and other publications which can empower each of us to strengthen Jewish unity and identity in our daily life. In doing so, we create a spiritual response to terrorism and strengthen the role of the Jewish people as a light unto the nations. You can be part of our mission by helping us to reach more and more people with the power of Jewish wisdom.


1) You can make a donation of any amount to help us purchase "Jewish Books for Peace" such as those shown above for one of our programs. If you wish, you can ask that your donation be used to purchase a specific book or suggest one yourself.

2) Often we are able to receive a special discount from publishers for our books, which allows your donation to make an even greater impact.

3) For any donation over $36, we can send you or someone you choose the "Jewish Book for Peace" of your choice with a message inside that acknowledges your contribution. In this way, you can commemorate a yirtzheit, celebrate a simcha, honor a loved one, serve as a source of merit to heal someone sick, thank a friend, or mark any other occasion in a meaningful, enduring way.

4) If you have a specific idea for a project of your own, Jewish Books for Peace can work with you to create a meaningful program to inspire others.